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Welcome to Boracay. Boracay was chosen as one of the most beautiful beach in the World, located at northern part of panay island Philippines.The island of Boracay has been blessed with beautiful white sand, resorts and ist is the capital beach of the country.

Boracay Beach Island is a sugary beach that squeaks in your foot when walked on, and flourishing landscape into and has been a relaxing tourist sanctuary now a day, that’s the guaranteed, basic beauty of Boracay can give to the local and foreign visitors.

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Boracay Beach Houses for rent

Boracay Beach House Boracay Boracay Beach House
2 Storey Beach House sitting right on beachfront
Villa Kaloo Beach House Villa Kaloo Beach House
Located between Two Seasons, Discovery Shores
Mabuhay Beach House Boracay Mabuhay Beach House
Located at the southern end of White Beach
Mayumi Beach House Boracay Mayumi Beach House
Escape the city or your winter-time blues

List of Boracay Hotels and Resorts

Many of the most luxurious Boracay resorts and hotels are located on station 1. The beach or the sand in this area is probably the widest and finest. This is the perfect place for night-out activities such as: bar, drinking and disco activities.

This is where D’Mall located and some of the Boracay’s fine dining restaurant, shopping souvenirs, and entertainment. Boracay’s heart of White Beach. Many establishment located here are high-end resorts and a few budget accommodations.

Boracay’s last section of White Beach. Where the remaining budget and native style bungalows accommodations in Boracay are located. The quietest part of Boracay White Beach area


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